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Help us honor our industry’s sales and service side with the advertising & marketing industry recognizing excellence awards!

Each year, we recognize creative excellence with the American Advertising Awards. This year we will kick off a very special series of awards that recognize the crucial—and too often unsung—sales and service side of the industry with our new admire awards.


These awards recognize the best of the best in the agency, media, and corporate marketing arena. We’re excited for a chance to recognize the efforts of our local industry for all they do, and from a different point of view. The honorees will be chosen by a panel of judges from another AAF Board of Directors within our District 7.

A very special THANK YOU to AAF Montgomery for not only creating the admire awards, but for sharing this program, the branding, and description with us for use in our market. We are ever grateful for this wonderful addition! 

admire details


Exceptional work and service to our North Alabama industry and community.


All North Alabama advertising and marketing individuals and organizations - members and non-members encouraged to apply. 


February 16, 2024  //  5:00pm


Category contenders and nominating Individuals will be notified via email.  Winners will be announced on AAF North Alabama social media pages and at the Awards Gala.


American Advertising Awards Gala 

Enchanted Evening

February 22, 2024

Huntsville Botanical Gardens 

admire categories
Thank you to AAF Birmingham for the use of the categories from their annual TEN AWARDS.

BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR: The Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes a business leader or entrepreneur - who has the greatest impact on the North Alabama advertising community and the field as a whole.


ACCOUNT SERVICES: The Account Services Award recognizes - an account executive, sales representative, project manager, business owner, public relations executive, media planner, and/or production/traffic manager - who has the greatest impact in making projects run smoothly. 


MEDIA PLANNING: The Media Planning Award recognizes - a media buyer, media planner, and/or media manager - who has the greatest impact in producing strong messaging and getting it to the right audience. 


PUBLIC RELATIONS: The Public Relations Award recognizes - an in-house, independent, or agency public relations professional - who has the greatest impact in best representation of the client or organization’s brand in targeted media communications. 

PRODUCTION: The Production Award recognizes - a casting director, print producer, audio engineer, traffic manager, and/or web developer - who makes behind-the-screens creative ideas turn into reality. 

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER: The Social Media Award recognizes - a social media professional -  who has best delivered on their social media expertise for clients large and/or small.


SALESPERSON: The Salesperson of the Year Award recognizes - a professional from any sales role within the ad community - who excels at communication, diplomacy, organization, and keeping all parties happy.


JUNIOR: The Junior of the Year Award recognizes - an emerging talent/junior or assistant staff member - who has made the most impact for the least credit.


STUDENT: The Student of the Year Award recognizes - a local university or college student studying marketing, advertising, design communications, journalism, or another advertising-related field - who shows a knack and passion for learning and advancement within their field. Good award to nominate your interns for. 

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